Sunday, 31 August 2014

Confirmation - Passing the First Hurdle

After having my Confirmation pushed back a month or so due to family issues, I finally got it out of the way near the end of July. I was reasonably happy with my presentation (even if I did go 10 minutes over time because I was trying to avoid falling into my usual trap of talking too fast and finishing my presentation in half the allotted time). I did kind of feel bad about my timeline, though, since any time I set a timeline for what I'm doing, it utterly fails to match up with reality. Still, the panel didn't ask too many questions, and those they did ask, I was able to answer pretty easily (for some reason I had a deep-seated terror that I'd be asked a question and wouldn't be able to give a coherent answer or it would be something I hadn't even thought about). I am one of those people who tends to assume the worst in every scenario (I am often right, though), so getting through without any real mishaps was a huge relief.

In terms of my Confirmation report, I had to make a few changes, but nothing significant. All I really had to do was delete some of my theoretical framework stuff which was redundant (about the generative theory of multimedia learning) and rewrite a few things to be more clear about what I was doing so I could submit the final version of my report by mid-August.

At least now I'm a propepr PhD candidate, not a probationary candidate. Now I'm off on intermission for a few months (it's either that or have a complete mental breakdown... WOOT!)

This calls for a celebration:

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