Saturday, 3 August 2013

Obligatory Introduction Post

Having been enrolled in my PhD since the end of June, I've pretty much spent that whole time reading articles by other researchers in my field and panicking because, even though I know roughly what I'll be working on, I have no idea what my research question is (apparently this is normal, and most PhD candidates don't consolidate their question until a year or so into their candidature; phew!). The semester officially started last Monday, and as the new PhD course structure includes course work (previously it was all just research), this means I also started one of my course work units, FIT6021: Advanced Research Methods.

The purpose of this blog is to document my learning and reflection as part of my assessment for the unit. However, if I find the blogging process useful (and I might; sometimes rambling about concepts in written form helps to clarify them in my mind), I may continue the blog throughout my PhD candidature. Technically we probably don't have to start keeping this journal until next week, but some of the class discussions today got me thinking, so I thought I might as well start it now. Eg. We analysed our research style in pairs and I discovered I am somewhere between an interpretivist and a critical theorist (I would have guessed I'd be closer to a positivist because I like to rely on reasoning and scientific methods, but then again I feel that mathematics and statistics are the devil so I avoid having to use them where possible). As the workshops are broken up into two days, I will just do one blog post per workshop, with each post having two parts.

I can't think of anything else to write, so here's a picture of my dog, Rex, 'helping' me with my research:

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